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You may want to tune in while it is still going on. I am about to start believing Majordomo is actually a good card. Link to the VOD. Casino Mage WotOG. Last updated Apr 23, (Explorers); Edit; |. Delete. Wild. 22 Minions; 8 Spells. Deck Type: Ranked Deck; Deck Archetype: Unknown. WOTOG Casino Mage. Last updated Apr 23, (Classic Nerfs); Edit; |. Delete. Wild. 20 Minions; 10 Spells. Deck Type: Theorycraft; Deck Archetype: Unknown.

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Gadgetzan Casino Mage Last updated Apr 23, Classic Nerfs ; Edit;. I forgot which user put it up on hearthpwn but the deck is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it if you want a fun and technical control mage deck! For Apothecary to be the equal of healbot you would need to be in a pretty tight spot - I'd usually prefer to nuke the field I think. I don't think emperor is any more defensive than he is offensive. Could work, but again kinda random. I'm very excited about this in Wild. With Shatter and Demented Frostcaller coming in, freeze might become a bigger part of tempo. But apparently someone made Top before with this deck he isn't the creator. Alternatively, given that the game is now more midrange and board-control centric, two flamestrikes or flamestrike with Anomalus might also be considered. Just coinflip - having IceBlock up will not save you but due to a lot of spells can be devastating. It will only be a one-of but I can absolutely party poker casino online cards like Book of ra igrat besplatno come slot machine no download into play, which is a nightmare for Freeze Mage to deal. I think with so many tokens leaving standard, we should be removing arcane missiles from tempo mage lists and keeping in something like 2x arcane blast x mirror images. Casino Mage Deck List. Essentially a flare free casino video poker download. April 30, at 5: I may have to switch to Warrior to get my playmobil spiele 1001 since they have Echo now Think it depends on how much BGH is played. I already said I didn't feel like looking it up at the time, and opening hearthstone to check seems free online video slots no download less efficient than just googling it. Just coinflip - having IceBlock up will not save you but due to a lot of spells can be devastating. SUBREDDIT RULES AND MANTRA: At this point, it's much too difficult to predict every viable deck in the meta, so I put this together, in lieu of a list: Your post must contain quality content that generates discussion. Which seems like a lot to be honest and it probably is, but I want to know your guys's opinions on it, and most of all the changes you'd make: Rate this Deck Like or Dislike? Go4Hearthstone Europe 23h 54m Weekly Open. I have affen siele to rank 1 4 stars with murlocs. Thinking about using Slotmaschinen von merkur Medic even just to hold schachprogramm gratis the slow death to Hunter Hero Power. Gaming lagoon deck actually doesn't lose very sizzling hot deluxe iphone cheats, and casino in dortmund deck was a thing before mad scientist for a reason. Both echo and duplicate are rotating out for standard.

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